About Us

About Cross Host

Founded in January 2020, We created our company to help fund local Bible believing missionary church efforts in the state of Utah.


Cross Host provides hosting services to churches at a cheaper than market rate to assist churches in building the kingdom. The founder of Cross Host was previously a web master and server technician for six years prior to becoming a Pastor in Utah. The Co-Founder moved to Utah with a goal of planting and establishing Bible believing churches in the area. Please continue below to read the testimonies of Pastor Matt and Pastor Troy

  • Hosting Experiences made for churches and religous services.
  • We only work with Bible believing churches and their auxillary missions
  • Managed by an experienced web master and server technician
  • Funds help to support the missionary effort of Pastor Matt and Pastor Troy

Our HOSTING Features

Online Support

Submit an online ticket 24/7 and we will get back to you. Because we are also Pastors, it may take up to 12 hours to hear back from us.

Total security

Our sites are protected and encypted with SSL certificated and malware blocking software. WE also offer for your use SSL certificates to protect your individual site if you offer anything like online tithing to your congregation.

99% uptime

Never worry about whether your site is accessible again. With our 99% uptime service guarantee, you site will be accessible to you and your church whenever you need it.

Pastor Matthew Davis

Im Matt.. I grew up locally in Utah and was raised up in the LDS (Mormon) church. It was within the LDS church that I met my wife. My wife and I went through the temple together, worked in primary, as well as various other LDS church offices prior to discovering the truth that we were following a false and corrupt church.

We promptly left the church as our discovery became more evident and clear that we not in a church of God. I can't say I stopped believing in God, but I did stop looking for God. Within a few months, anything "religous" was removed from my home and scripture and prayer life stopped completely. I had no relation with God, or who I perceived to be God.

During this time I had started to become very successful at my computer programming business. My wife and I were able to afford nice homes, property, and luxury vacations. But it was at the expense of being a slave to money. I worshipped money like it was a god, dedicating all my time and effort into gaining more of it. The more I made, the less I seemed to need God. That is, until one day everything I had disappeared. A series of events from ER visits, to car accidents and losing my job threw me into bankruptcy. From there, with the threat of losing my home, my truck, and the stress between my wife and I, entered into deep depression. I started contemplating suicide and over the months, I started to seriously believe suicide was the best way out of my situation.

The night came where I desprately wanted it all to end. But I couldn't do it. Rather than being able to kill myself, I became afraid to die. The question kept plaguing my mind... If I died today, where would I end up eternally? As I became scared of my eternal state, I Googled "where will I go when I die" and I read a series of articles, one by Pastor John Piper.

At this moment, I knew I needed God in my life. The next morning, Sunday, my wife and I drove to our local Baptist church, where for the first time, I felt purpose in my life. A week later, I was at the alter professing my faith in Jesus and proclaiming Him as Lord. An event I will never turn back from.

Today I pastor a small church, Long Valley Bible Church, in Orderville UT. It is unfuneded and growing. I have started this company based on prayer and faith with the goal of providing church with safe, inexpensive, reliable hosting with the purpose of using the procedes to fund the church and missionary efforts in the local community.

It is my pleasure to be working with you and your church, building the kingdom of Heaven, together.

Pastor Matt Davis